About Protect the Line

No more promises. No more excuses. Protect the line.

Sanitation workers, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, grocery store employees, police officers, delivery drivers, and other essential personnel are putting themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe and make sure we have what we need to take care of our businesses and families. It’s time we return the favor and protect them when their organizations can’t.

As small businesses, we are coming together to do what bureaucracy can’t. We aren’t just providing personal protection equipment (PPE). We’re changing the system.

The Protect the Line Initiative includes:


FAMaero is using our extensive experience in Additive Manufacturing to create PPE for our healthcare professionals.

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Rumph Chiropractic

Since our chiropractic care office has been around for so many years, we’re fortunate to care for multiple generations of people from the same family, from children up to great-grandparents.

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Air Advantage

Air Advantage began providing broadband wireless service throughout the Thumb of Michigan in 2002 with 5 towers atop grain silos serving a potential market of about 2,000 people.

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MK Advisors

It is our mission to apply the power of our team and our extensive ecosystem of experts, advisors, and advocates, to provide access to resources, innovative models, technology, and creative finance for the communities we serve around the world. These resources can massively impact the lives of individuals and provide solid foundations for economic development.

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The Last Kilometer

We are a non-profit dedicated to solving resource problems beyond the grid by accelerating the adoption of clean technologies.

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8THIRTYFOUR Integrated Communications

Sometimes being different means being better.
Let us make the most of your communications investment through a uniquely integrated approach.

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The system is broken. There’s a gap between suppliers and people who are directly fighting the pandemic. We’re building a bridge to connect them with the PPE they desperately need. They’re protecting us. We’re protecting them. Help us protect the line.